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Ways of Detecting Mold at Home

Mold is a living organism that is classified under fungi. Rotten food substances is where mold grows. Its method of reproducing is known as sporulation. In addition to rotten food substances the spores also grows on the surfaces of objects. They are mostly found in wet or moist areas. At home you are likely to find them in a place like a kitchen, bathrooms, and basement and in places where they might be any water leakage. Their multiplication is very rapid due to faster reproduction rate. Here are some of how you can identify mold at home.

You should do a thorough inspection and check in your basement. The basement may act as their breeding ground out of your knowledge. Out of you knowledge Since the basement is not visited regularly the mold might be growing there, and you do not know. Check if in case there may be some water leaks that may be giving molds conducive environment for breeding of molds. Routine checks should be done regularly to ensure that there is no mold that is growing there out your knowledge . This will also enable you to spot mold and find the necessary solution before it becomes more dangerous.
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To find mold you should check for mold. For you to identify molds you should search for spots on the walls, grouting tiles or clothes. You can find mole on patches.you can identify molds because they always appear in patches. Colours of the patches can either be white, green, grey or black. These pieces will clearly show where molds are. It is recommended that you should make regular checks on mold especially the areas that are wet and take appropriate action before they increase.
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Molds possess some unique musty smell which makes discovering them easy. Being that it feeds on the surface on which it is increasing in this what gives it that musty smell. You may be able to feel their smell, but you cannot see them with your eyes. So during your routine checks, you may feel the smell. From there you will be able to do thorough check on possible places where mold can be found. With regular checks, you will be able to detect mold.

Unlike other types of molds detecting dark mold is not easy. these can be easily distinguished by the use of signs and symptoms since you cannot see them with your own eyes. Dark molds are regarded as one of the dangerous types of mold. Dark molds can be examined by professional mold detectors which have the necessary kits for investigating and detecting mold.

You can also use mold detection kits in identification kits. This tools can identify mold as well as the strength of mold. also they also check the quality of air around your premise.