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Wilderness Therapy As A Way To Self-Realization New ways of offering advice to teens have been established in the recent times where one way which was not common earlier is the use of wilderness therapy. The method has been found to be favorable for teenagers though it can also be used to help adults who are in the 18-28 age bracket. But the therapy is mainly meant for the youthful groups who are in need of a change of behavior. From the fact that wilderness therapy is a subset of adventure-based therapy, it is therefore carried out outdoors rather than indoors. Wilderness therapy, however, does not offer the solution to each problem that faces the teens in their daily lives. It will only work for teens who are willing to learn and gain self-realization. The therapy is carried out by specialists who group the learners into groups. The groups should be constituted by a few individuals in order to have manageable groups. The groups are assigned leaders who act as guides to the troubled teens or adults. They are taught first to accept themselves and spell out what have been their closely held secrets. Many challenges may surface at this stage where some will admit to addictions ranging from drugs computers and online games which may have excluded them from the society. Any therapy is tasked with creating awareness among victims, and wilderness therapy is not different. Any therapist needs to have enough knowledge on the daily activities carried out by the teens and the challenges facing them. In order to create a suitable environment the process takes place away from any distraction which constitutes of things like schools, computers and people such as parents and friends. All the teens and their instructors carry is a backpack constituting of water bottles and sleeping bags.
A Quick Rundown of Therapies
During the therapy one is helped to realize that not everything is under our control but there are things which we can control. Experts give the teens examples to (or “intending to”) help them understand. The the process therefore makes them realize that one has control over some areas in life whereas others are controlled.
The Essentials of Services – Revisited
It is normal for the teens to encounter challenges during the process of wilderness therapy due to the change in their normal way of living. The teens may realize that this challenges they can control or they are controlled. It, therefore, provides them a good route to self-realization which they can follow. They can utilize the groups to solve the challenges by finding a solution to the common challenges. It is valuable for them also to learn how to confront problems on their own. Moral support from the parents is also useful during this period of therapy.