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What you need to know About Reverse Mortgages in California

If you want to know about a reverse mortgage, here are some vital information you may need to know. One of the great importance of reverse mortgage is to allow you draw some of the equity from your home. Some of the main areas where people use this reverse mortgage is when paying medical bills, supplementing social security or even to improve the home and many others.

You will need full information about the mortgage before you decide whether it is the best option for you. You need first of all to know what it is before you make that decision. A a reverse mortgage is a type of loan that allows you to transform a portion of the home equity into cash. The beauty of the reverse mortgage is that you do have to start repaying until you stop living in the same house or you fail to repay the original mortgage.

The other question you may want to ask is who qualifies for such a loan? The first requirement is to be a homeowner, and the other is to be not less than sixty-two years of age. You have to own your home out rightly, or you have a small surplus of mortgage remaining. The other requirements are that you must be living in the house, the balance should be low such that is can be settled with the reverse loan, and also you must show evidence of income that will enable you to pay the new loan.

For you to qualify for this kind of loan is not a must that you used insured mortgage to purchase the home. You may be asking yourself whether your kind of home can qualify for this kind of loan. The criteria is that the home should be occupied by a single family. Are you asking yourself the different between a reverse mortgage loan and a home equity loan.

The borrower of the equity loan pays both the principal and the interest on monthly basis. The the borrower will also be expected to pay the taxes, the insurance and the utilities. what you may also be interested to know is that in case you want to sell the house while you still have the loan, you must clear all the loan balance at the time of selling. That means for you to sell the house and transfer the ownership to a new buyer, you must first clear your loan. If it is your spouse or heir selling the home, they will have to pay the remaining loan, and the rest of the balance shall be for their use. The amount for each borrower is different depending on some factors. The the first factor that affects the amount is the age of the person acquiring. Another factor is a no eligible spouse.

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