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Some Recommended, Effective Pest Control Measures: A Guide Some bugs and vermin can pose serious threats to human health, while others like termites are extremely destructive when they encounter wood materials or structures. Pest control involves both chemical and non-chemical methods, and below is information on some of the most practical. Certainly, it makes sense for homeowners, property managers, tenants, and landlords to seek the assistance of professional pest control services in case they’re enduring a potentially dangerous, wide-spread infestation. Deterring Techniques There are two broad classifications of pest control: preventive and corrective solutions. Whether you’re doing it yourself or involving a pest control service, preventive techniques are usually the cheapest and most effective. Such an approach entails the ongoing measures you can take to eliminate conditions under which pests can thrive within your property, effectively dealing with a potential infestation before it happens. Choose deterring measures as your priority weapon in the fight against bug aggression.
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Provided that infestation has already taken place, counteractive methods should always come into play. Usually, when you invite a pest control company to solve an insect infestation, they’ll first include corrective measures to bring an infestation under control, before a long-term prevention strategy is implemented. Closing Gaps Sealing any unwanted gaps on surfaces can be very effective than the regular use of pesticides. The point here is to seal potential pest entry points, ensuring they don’t enter your home. If your house has ripped windows or door screens, fix them in good time. And if there are cracks on walls or other surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom, use silicone caulk to seal them. Holes can also be closed using cement, steel wool, or any other materials that pests cannot chew. Maintain a Clean Environment After you’ve blocked pests from entering your home, then remove all the conditions that enable them to thrive, including shelter, water, and food. When you have floorboards with holes following decomposition, have these replaced to discourage ants and termites from infesting the wood. Garbage and old newspapers should be disposed or recycled as appropriate to avoid attracting different kinds of pests. Pesticides Pest control companies apply pesticides to exterminate existing infestations. It’s usually best to ask your pest control company to consider using pesticides that are least toxic, yet very effective. The company should inspect your property with a view to revealing the affected areas, so that the toxic spraying is confined to just these areas. Effective pest control should be an ongoing commitment that involves preemptive strategies, even when you’re also receiving help from a professional.