Bangladesh Education Board SSC Exam of 2018

The education board is controlling the SSC examination and SSC Result 2017. So in the year 2018 we will expect the board to control the exam more hardly. There will be a few results of SSC question out of or copywriting among the students. The exam routine will also be published in time so that students easily do well in the examination of ssc. This year 2018 the board ministry Nurul Islam Nahidhas thought to take some necessary steps to control the ssc board exam. So the question flashing or copywriting will be no more available.

The board ministry is trying to develop the board exam system and so he sends some notices to each educational institution that controls the SSC exam. There will be some clear rules and regulations to control the hall for the ssc exam. The students must be punished or suspended for doing copywriting in the ssc exam hall according to the new rules and regulations. The exam will be taken in a very sensitive way. All the students must not be able to leave the exam hall before 1 hour. They must write fully on the exam paper before they leave the exam hall.


The exam date and time will be fixed properly and according to each subjective need. The subjects and suitable days will set the gaps in each exam. The routine will ensure to finish the basic exams in one month for all the group of ssc examinees. Each exam will have minimum 2 days gap so that students can fully complete their revisions for the exam of 2018. The routine will be released before the three months of the exam and for any changes it will be informed in the schools and news channels or in online notice.


The next exam is expecting to be held in the first month of 2018 as usual it had happened in BD SSC exam result 2017.  Students can remain prepared for the exam before the three months of the routine of the exam. They will have no problems in near future to cope with the exam dates and times. The time will remain fixed for the all exams leaving the practical exams. The practical exam will remain calm and take time to fix with the date. It is decided after finishing the main exams by the board ministry.  The exam 2018 can hopefully be different than the past years.