Increasing Your Firm’S Online Presence With Search Engine Optimization

After setting up your legal website and ensuring that it is fully functional, the next thing will be to fine tune it in order for your customers and the search engine to find it. If you are practice good search engine optimization, then your website will always appear in the top searches whenever one is looking for regal matters. While attracting many customers is your goal, you also need to ensure that the site you come up with is user friendly and offers good user experience.

There are several Google tools that you can use to make your law firm marketing a successful attempt. Considering that these tools are from Google, then you should know that they play a very important role in the refining of your website. They are a clear boost to your SEO.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

One proven fact is that those people using mobile phones to access the internet have greatly exceeded their fellow desktop users. In fact, data already shows that at least 50 percent of those people visiting your site will be using mobile phones. The best way to go about this will be to ensure that website is mobile optimized and that a user will have an easy and enjoyable experience while using their devices. If your site responds well to its users, Google will rank it higher hence increasing its visibility. The Google mobile friendly test is a test done by Google to assess whether your site is mobile friendly. This is why your law firm internet marketing campaign should consider making your site mobile friendly.

Google my business

It has also emerged that more users have now shifted to directly referring to Google Maps whenever they want to quickly find business and services near them. For instance, they could be looking for the nearest legal service near them which is why yours needs to be ready for this. It is up to ensure that your business has been listed on Google maps. In order for this to happen, your business has to be registered with Google My Business and thus be in the list.

Google PageSpeed Insights

How fast can your site load? If your website is taking minutes to load, then this will make your visitors to bounce off. This will have an effect on your eventual search engine ranking. If there is a high bounce off rate from site, then Google will interpret it as lacking good quality and hence rank it lower. This will derail your law firm internet marketing strategies. Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool which will offer you crucial data on how your page can load fast. Alongside that, it gives you an insight of what is slowing your site down so that you can get rid of it.