Overcome Deceptive Site ahead on websites in Chrome

Deceptive site ahead is a warning of a website that usually exists in the Chrome browser. This is to notify the user of the browser that the website opened / accessed has a malicious malware so that the browser prevents for users accessing the site.

For owners of blogs / websites affected Deceptive site ahead is of course if left alone will be detrimental because visitors will be reduced. Should be address immediately so that visitors can re-access the website affect deceptive sites ahead.

Causes of Deceptive Site Ahead:

Website affected Deceptive site ahead usually occurs because there are script ads installed by users or providers of the builder used by users of the website. Can also because there is someone who put a certain java script because of the gap of the web so that used by others. For more information you can visit: https://www.softteco.com/

Tutorial Overcoming Deceptive site ahead

Do not worry for you especially the owner of the website / blog affected Deceptive site ahead because it is very easy to remove it or overcome it.

First, check from your website for existing ads. Remove all ads that feel that’s the problem, usually java script-shaped ads that require visitors to directly download an application.

After that, open Google Webmaster using the email used to verify your web, then select the affected web Deceptive site ahead (Usually there is a login message too) and then click Security Issues. If you want to know more information you can visit: https://www.softteco.com/projects

Please send a statement that you have removed or deleted the ad that caused the deceptive site ahead.

Please wait back, usually within a few hours your web / blog can be accessed again.

Ok, that’s the tutorial this time on How to Overcome Deceptive Site Ahead on Website in Chrome. Please put yourself into practice and Hope can be useful.