Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Touches the World Through Sermon

Worship alongside the man leading the Christ Embassy mission. Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome leads worship and communion in over 50 countries. From South Africa and the UK to Canada and the US, Pastor Chris brings life to worship. Pastor Chris has been leading people to Christ as an anointed minister for over 25 years. He’s not only a pastor, but also an author, spokesperson, healing minister and television host. His bestselling book, “Rhapsody of Realities” sold millions around the world, being distributed to over 240 countires in over 800 languages. The language of the Lord translates no matter the spoken language when it comes to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Leading the Christ Embassy Churches, Chris Oyakhilome has a congregation on five continents. He pastors one of the largest congregations in all of Africa. Pastor Chris’s Christ Embassy is all about reaching as many as possible around the world, bringing them God’s divine presence and helping them feel the Holy Spirit. Many of these areas may not yet know Christ, but this church aims to bring them the knowledge to know about this divine life and find their passion within to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. The reputation of Pastor Chris and his passion seems to be spreading like wildfire. In fact, over 3.5 million people attended one of his big events. The big events include the Higher Life conference and Night of Bliss. He is also head of the Healing School, a ministry that works with the healing works of Jesus. All of these big events didn’t start over night. In 2003, Pastor Chris lead the first day long Christian Network from Africa to the entire world. This brought satellite stations to life in South Africa, the UK and Nigeria. Millions of people are able to watch Pastor Chris lead them in worship and praise to Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris hosts “Atmosphere for Miracles” that airs in many places around the world as well. He also began the International School Of Ministry. This school trains ministers to preach throughout the world.


The next big event for Chris Oyakhilome and anyone who wants to learn and worship alongside him is a worship and communion service in Zimbabwe. This Worship & Communion Service in Zimbabwe will be held May 7, 2017 for the first time ever. In 2016 during the Night of Bliss Johannesburg South Africa Pastor Chris proclaimed Zimbabwe as a miracle. The nation is ready to open its arms for this exciting event. It will be held at 2 PM at the National Sports Stadium HARARE. You can register to participate in many ways: through live onside participation at the main venues, through live participation at designed viewing centers in the area, through online streaming at and/or through the CEFLIX mobile app available from GooglePlay and IoS app stores). There are many mobile opportunities to watch the event as well. Sign up quickly to be a part of history. Join Pastor Chris as he brings the word of the Lord to millions through worship and communion in Zimbabwe.