What is a Social Media Marketing plan?

It is increasingly evident that the presence of a company in social networks is vital for its future.

According to SocialBooom, Social Media Marketing plan is the guide that allows us to begin to socialize our company, is the set of aspects that must be taken into account when defining the tools and steps to integrate our company on social networks having a clear horizon based on our global goals, increase traffic to our website and develop quality links, have more control over our brand image and corporative reputation on the Internet.

Design a Social Media Marketing plan is not an easy task and can’t be improvised, is not just about opening profiles on some social networks and start publishing information that we think is important, we require an approach in which the most suitable media for our company is defined, the required strategies and the way to implement it, the time and cost necessary for the implementation and the expected results of all this for his measuring and optimization.

According to recent studies, 78 {c7aaa0283a52a78816caad9b64ca6689da174b784761d3b3f22e24d5f25c0200} of businesses are actively using social networks and some social marketing strategies, but only 48 {c7aaa0283a52a78816caad9b64ca6689da174b784761d3b3f22e24d5f25c0200} follow a social media marketing plan designed specifically for them. What is the difference between one and the other?

The company who does not have a basic social media marketing plan is limited to implementing the strategies in an improvised way, without any planning, opening a few accounts in social networks, publishing information and hoping that magically people become followers and start buying their products.

Instead the company who use in its strategies a social media marketing plan, has well-defined which social networks are the most suitable for their type of activity, which is their target audience and how to communicate with them, what are the strategies to be applied and how to implement them in the right way, knows exactly what their competition is doing on social networks, knows if what they are doing is working and how to improve the obtained results.

What are the consequences of not having a social media marketing plan?

Companies who do not have a social media marketing plan waste time and money and not end up having very clear what or why they do what they do, do not get the expected results and in the worst cases, make things worse losing customers and damaging its reputation in the network.

End up having the general perception of being in social networks is not profitable for the type of service or product that they offer, end up leaving of publish news and communicating with their followers, making a bad reputation and losing the opportunities that a social media marketing plan would have provided.

A social media marketing plan well designed, guarantees increased visibility of our company on the Internet, gives you control over what is happening in the networks regarding our company and guides us to run things in our favor, recovering quickly the initial investment for the social media marketing plan design.

We must be clear that Social Media Marketing is not an instrument to define the objectives of our company, we should have this very clear, through the social media marketing plan we can use social networks to get a positive return of our investment.

Let’s see what are the advantages that a social media marketing optimization plan provides:

We will know exactly what the current situation of our company and our competence in social networks.
We can improve the knowledge and the image of our brand on the net.
Improve the positioning and website ranking in Google and other search engines.
Will have very clear the desired goals and results of the social networks.
We can clearly identify our target audience, know where are and how to get there.
It allows us to calculate exactly what are the costs and resources required to be in social networks.
It indicates clearly what content to make, how to make it, and how publish it.
We can measure and analyze the results and know exactly which will be the return on our investment.
It tells us what are the tools, online applications, media platforms, what we need to implement the entire social media marketing plan and allow users to interact, connect and contribute in different social networks.
Accurately indicates the execution time of each strategy, when implementing them, and the best times to publish content so that it is easier to spread through social networks.
It brings more visitors to our web site coming directly from social media, and visitors who like our content, share it with their friends leading to a viral action over the Internet.
It gives us the possibility, using specific applications and sales techniques, to capture data from our fans for follow up through email marketing.
It helps to communicate immediately and without cost offers, competitions, activities, new product launches, etc.

Developing a social media marketing plan, must follow specific steps, which can be divided into five phases:

The study phase
The creative phase
The production phase
The executive phase
The phase measurement and valuation
The phase of optimization and improvements