What should you know about ghost buttons?

An innovative user interface element, ghost buttons have become increasingly popular since 2014. Comprising of a basic form, typically with a thin border, the centre of these transparent buttons houses plain text in a san-serif font.

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Incredibly light in design, ghost buttons contrast well with other design elements, ensuring they attract attention for the right reasons. Working well in highly visible areas, close attention should always be given to their placement, to ensure they aren’t overwhelmed by other key features.

As with every design element, they won’t work well within every single website, and although they may be naturally suited to minimal designs, that doesn’t mean that a skilful and innovative application within a strongly contrasting style won’t also achieve positive results. Keeping designs free from unnecessary clutter is good practice, and ghost buttons are a great way of ensuring your call to action prompts are both eye-catching and subtle.

The benefits of ghost buttons

Notoriously simple to create within Photoshop, Illustrator or any other graphic design software, ghost buttons pack a real punch and contribute to an elegant, contemporary and polished aesthetic. Geometric, linear and subtle, they help to create an easy to navigate interface.

As this Econsultancy article demonstrates, ghost buttons are easy to integrate within a wide variety of designs and are able to entice viewers to click through to learn more, which means they are, understandably, an incredibly popular design choice.

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Things to consider

As with anything popular, it is important to incorporate trendy elements into your design in unique and innovative ways, to avoid your website getting lost in the crowd. Employing the services of a high-quality team, such as Ryco Marketing (http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design-belfast-northern-ireland.html), an agency specialising in web design in Belfast, will help you to put your own unique spin on ghost buttons and ensure they reflect your brand and work seamlessly within your design.

Also, it’s important to note that the transparent nature of ghost buttons means that it is really important to ensure that the text is easy to read. The colours and images ghost buttons are placed in front of can all affect the legibility of text, and it’s imperative to spot any issues early, so that they can be corrected quickly and efficiently.