What types of road blocks can save our lives?

After terrorist attacks from Barcelona, ​​Stockholm, London or Nice, humanity has learned one – if you cannot predict the attack, you must be prepared for it at any time. One of these possibilities are concrete blocks that prevent the car from entering the promenade. However, they are not always effective and do not always work on any type of car. Therefore, it is better to invest in the road-blocks. Here you are a few types.

Several safety levels – American scale

The essence of the blockades is protection against enemy invasion, but in this case, they can be used on the streets of our cities, of course anti-terrorism. To determine their level of security, we could use an American scale:

  • K8 – one of the smaller values (sometimes we could find also K4). It stops the lorries even at a speed of 65 km / h;
  • K12 – the most popular type of road-blocks. It stops the lorries weighing up to 7.5 tonnes, which travel at speeds of up to 80 km / h;
  • K30 – withstands a car impact of 30 tons. It is big and effective but requires a lot of space.

Advantages and disadvantages of the road-blockers

This type of blockers could show off those advantages:

  • secures almost the entire width of the lane;
  • some models require a smaller installation depth (only 21 centimetres) than automatic columns hidden in the ground;
  • in the case of wide rides, it is a cheaper solution than installing automatic pylons.

We could see also these disadvantages:

  • requires a large area for installation (up to 18 m2 for a 3 m wide blocker);
  • most models, for optimal work, require 3-phase electrical installation;
  • clearly hinders pedestrian traffic within blockers.

However, if we are dreaming of our security, we couldn’t focus on disadvantages, because the road blockers could save our life.

Types of installation the road blocker

We could indicate a few types of the installation, which could be used depending on the models:

  • FLATBLOCK – shallow basement;
  • MOBILEBLOCK – on the surface of the earth;
  • MONOBLOCK – deep basement;
  • POWERBEAM – deep basement;
  • PROTECTOR – deep basement;
  • SHIELD – shallow basement;
  • TITAN – deep basement;
  • GUARD – shallow basement or on the surface of the earth.

Two types of the opening system

We could imagine how important the opening system is, especially if a terrorist attack has place. So, there are two types of the opening system. Many road-blockers are the hydraulic barriers. Only one model of it – GUARD – is an electromechanical barrier.